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Preparing for your Newborn Session

Thank you for booking your newborn session with Becky Fleury Photography. I have over twelve year’s experience photographing newborns and will do my best to exceed your expectations as I capture this special moment in time. Beware now that I may snuggle your sweet, precious baby A LOT!!!

Below are some tips to help you prepare for your session:

•    Please arrive on time  for your sesson to ensure we can complete your scheduled timeslot. Note that the studio is 35 minutes from downtown Winnipeg. Studio address is 240 Holly Drive in Oakbank. Please text if you are running behind, and when you are 15 minutes away.Failure to give the photographer at least 1 hour in advance notice if you will be more than 15 minutes late, will result in a reschedule. Anything more than 30 minutes late will require a reschedule.

•    The studio will be clean & sanitized, set up and ready for your session with different looks for a gallery full of options.

•    Within 10 days after your session, your proofs will be unveiled to you via my website’s Client Lounge, where you will be able to choose your photos. A private ordering session can be arranged to help you to choose your images as I realize it can be overwhelming. 

•     In order to manage my calendar & workflow, I ask that photos are chosen within 7 days of receiving your link.  Additional editing time will occur to complete your order if images are not chosen within the 7-day timeline.

•    After you submit your order, you will receive your digital files for electronic download via WeTransfer. Prints, albums and art work will be delivered to you.

Tips for preparing baby:

For optimal results, it is best if baby is content and asleep during the session, therefore anything you can do in advance to encourage this is recommended such as:

•    try to keep baby awake for two hours prior to driving to the studio  

•    give baby a good feed just prior leaving for the session and ensure baby is well burped  

•    if you are breastfeeding and have expressed milk, please bring a bottle to the session. For bottlefed babies, please bring at least triple the food baby would normally eat in this timeframe.  

•    bring along a soother; even if baby doesn’t take one yet. If baby gets fussy or is  awake during the session, or doesn’t like certain poses, we will navigate the session around the baby’s energy and mood to get the most adorable shots we can.

Please note that many of the posed shots you see on my website are taken when baby is sound asleep. Saftey is the number one concern; therefore if baby is awake, alternate poses will be used - which are equally adorable! Becky Fleury Photography cannot guarantee all desired poses will be captured as your baby will dictate this. Your baby’s comfort and safety is most important.

Tips for preparing family:


•    We can discuss your session to narrow down which colour scheme you prefer:                         

1.    Black (dads, long sleeve; Mom’s either short or long)                     

2.    White, beige or pastels (Mom’s I prefer tanks – but please wear what you’re comfortable with. Shirts with lace, ruffles or any texture also photography beautifully)         

•    Be aware that your hands will be in the shots; therefore, be sure your nails are clean and manicured. If you are married or engaged, please wear your rings (if they fit).

•    Prefer a more stylized family session? Let's talk! I have many outfits for Mom to make your first family portrait a stand out!


•    Take the time to do your hair and make-up just right. I would suggest doing it very soft and romantic so that you look natural. Loose curls photograph beautifully and much nicer that straight, pulled-back, smooth styles.

•    Even if you don’t normally wear makeup, it’s a good idea to use powder to control shine, mascara to bring out your eyes, and something to add a bit of color to your lips.

But most importantly, make yourself feel beautiful! These images will be around forever and you cannot get this time back! <3


•    White, beige, light grey or pastels (or matching the colour we chose for the session). For bottoms, light  jeans or khakis photograph nicely.

Please Avoid: patterns of any kind, bright colours, logos or prints. Mininal jewelery please. - simplistic earrings, no watches, clunky necklaces or wrist jewelery.


Part of your session / creative fee includes the set up and use of my numerous props, hats, headbands and backdrops that I will use to cusotomzie your session.

I will discuss with your beforehand your colour and theme for the session.

If there is something sentimental you want included in some photos, please bring it along and we will incorporate it into the photos.

All props and blankets are properly cleaned and laundered before each newborn session and the studio is sanitized before and after each session. All precautions to ensure a clean, santizied environment for your newborn and family will be met.

Please let me know if you have additional questions. I look forward to our session and meeting your new baby!!!