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Preparing for your Maternity Session

Thank you for booking your newborn session with Becky Fleury Photography. I have over ten year’s experience photographing Maternity & Newborns and will do my best to exceed your expectations as I capture this special moment in time. 

Allow about 2 hours for your photo shoot, and try not to schedule anything for immediately afterwards. Most maternity shoots, like weddings, cannot be re-shot, so don’t rush yourself! Enjoy being the star! It won’t be all about you for much longer!

You and I will have, or may have already had a pre-planning session to go over everything and talk outfits/looks. 

I would suggest packing yourself a little bag with some goodies. Below's notes may trigger some things to pack along!


•   I have numerous maternity outfits that photograph beautifully for your session. You are welcome and encouraged to use them for your photos. If you have seen particular outfits that you love in any of my galleries, please let me know! 

•    You are welcome to bring outfits that you would like to be photographed in. You want some of your outfits to cling to your curves—something to accentuate your bust line and belly. Or, soft and flowing also works. Think soft flowing ruffles, sequence or glam....basically anything goes as long as you love it and feel beautiful when you wear it! 

•    If you can still fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans, aside from doing up the zipper, bring them along!  Unzipped jeans look really cute paired with a sexy bra, CK bra & undie poking through, an oversized shirt, or just with your hands or hair covering your breasts! 

•    Avoid patterned clothing of any kind. We want the focus on your beautiful belly!

•    Avoid busy accessories (watches, belt buckles, etc.) Simple earrings and your wedding ring (if you have and can fit it still) are all that you need. If you do have some larger peices that you'd like to encorporate into some looks, bring them along! I absolutely love the look of tasteful nudes with just large necklaces or earrings.

•    Please wear or bring along Nude underwear. Other undies to bring are white and black bikini-style.

•    If you have one, wear a strapless bra. Again, nude is best. But if you don't have, DO NOT go and buy one just for this occasion that likely won't fit for very long. We can simply tuck down your bra straps when required. 

•    Simple scarves, shawls and lengths of soft, fluid, flowing fabrics photograph beautifully and I will encorporate them into one of your looks. (I have lots!)

•    I love the look of au natural, nude, photos. If you are comforable with nudes, leave it to me to discretely and strategically pose you and place lighting perfectly to hide any parts that should be left unseen and to create dramatic, beautiful, elegant, tateful pieces of art showing off your beautiful curves. I can also use fabrics to add pops of colour and textured props to your nude photos to make you feel less exposed. 

•    Topless with a pair of cute undies, or in bra/panty sets are also beautiful. In addition to the neutral underwear mentioned above, bring along any pretty lingerie that you would like to use for your images or a CK set (Winners/Marshalls has them pretty cheap!).

•    Be adventurous!  You don’t get a lot of opportunities to take these kinds of photos! Rest assured that I will 100% respect your privacy. Only the images you consent to will be posted.

•    If your husband or child will join you in the pictures, be sure to select clothing and accessories for them that do not distract from the main subject: YOU and your beautiful belly. I suggest long sleeved dress shirts. NO PATTERNS or LOGOS.


•    Take the time to do your hair and make-up just right. Make yourself feel beautiful! I have a great connection for hair & make up, she will travel to you and does both! Her prices are below. Be sure to mention that you are a client of Becky Fleury to receive these prices. 

Mhei Alcos; IG @la.estetica.beauty ph. 204.384.9582

$150 for both hair & make up (with lashes) For hair only; $85. For makeup only; $95 with lashes.

•    I would suggest doing hair very soft and romantic so that you look natural. Loose curls photograph beautifully and much nicer that straight, pulled- back, smooth styles. Be sure to bring a brush or comb, especially if your shoot is outdoors as the wind can be nasty!

•    Even if you don’t normally wear makeup, it’s a good idea to use powder to control shine, mascara to bring out your eyes, and something to add a bit of color to your lips. False eyelashes are a great way to make your eyes pop. Bring powder and lipstick or tinted lip moisturizer for touchups during the shoot.

•    Consider a spray tan! It's a grey way to even out tan lines in summer, and add colour to pasty skin in the winter months.

•    About two hours before your photo shoot, remove any clothing or accessories with elastic that will leave marks on your belly.

•    The morning of your session, rub a good moisturizer on your belly. It will add a nice smooth effect to your belly. But avoid greasy moistures right before your session as they may cause a harsh reflection. Also, consider moisturizing your elbows and feet.

•    Your hands will likely be in the pictures, so consider a manicure, or at the very least, be sure your nails are trimmed. This rule also applies for toes and men.


Once the photo shoot begins, relax. Embrace the intimacy of the moment and try to forget you are being photographed at all. Revel in that beautiful, maternal glow and enjoy the anticipation of becoming a mother. I will take care of the rest!

Feel free to text me any inspiration images you have seen and love! 204-960-2866