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The Nice Things People Say...

WOW!!! I LOVE all the photos. I had tears. You captured my girls so perfectly!! Thank you so much. ~ Ellen Kotula


The pictures are wonderful! You have once again exceeded our expectations. Thanks again Becky, we truly love the photos, you captured some amazing moments! ~ Nancy Ricketts


Wow that’s the fastest turn around I’ve had on photos! They turned out amazing; we love all of them! The family sitting in the trees is my favorite…I can’t recall ever liking a photo so much. You are an amazing photographer! Thank you soooo much!!! ~ Sherry Wiederspan


Becky, you are amazing! We love love love them all! I cannot believe you managed to get those teddy bear ones. They are far too precious! Thanks so much for getting the proofs to us so quickly...the suspense was killing us! Lol ~ Tamara Alcock


It was super hard to pick because we love them all so much. Thanks again for everything, we are so pleased with the session. You really captured Isabella as she is and in such creative ways. We looked at the pictures at work and a bunch of people were impressed…we brag about you a lot! Thanks again Becky!  ~ Suzanne Moquin


We LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pictures! You definitely captured many of our kid’s expressions that we just love. Many thanks! ~ Christine


Becky, These photos are absolutely amazing!  We LOVE them!! Thanks so much and I can't wait for our newborn session!  ~ Tamara Alcock


Thank you so much!! You are an amazing photographer! I love how you captured sweet baby Max in the creative poses!! Thanks again! ~ Jodi Kelsch


Just wanted to touch base with you quickly to let you know I've looked at the proofs you sent over the weekend and am in love with them. Thank you so much - they're beyond beautiful!!! ~ Kristin Bouchard-Teasdale


Thanks Becky!! The photos are wonderful! I will get back to you on selections. Not sure how I'm going to choose! Love them all! ~ Ester Raftis


These are amazing Becky. Thank you so much! We are both blown away. Seriously, they are all incredible and you are so talented!! And, the Becky editing on mama is music to my ears! Lol! The boys are of course flawless. Thank you again! ~ Jill Chapman


Becky, I can't even tell you how much I love each and every single one of those pictures! Thank you so so sooooo much! ~ Cherise LeClaire


Thanks again for taking Theo’s photos, we really appreciate the time you took and are so happy with the end result. I also have to thank you because after you commented that he likes being on his stomach I started putting him on his tummy for naps during the day when I can watch him and he sleeps for hours!! I had never thought to do that until you pointed it out. Thanks again! ~ Ashley Farkas


Oh my gawd their beautiful, love love love them! You did an amazing job, seriously gorgeous!!! ~ Kristen Domareski


Becky, I received the package and just looking at it right now. Love everything. Thanks for including our fall photos too! Thanks for capturing these special moments for us. These photos are priceless! We’ll be in touch for updated family photos in the future!! :) ~ Ester Raftis