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A4A Print Guide

Speciality Design & Printing:

Would you prefer to have us do the printing for you? We've got you covered! All prints are professionally printed to provide colourful, exquisite results that will feature your child as the star that they are! Prints will recieve our Professsional Retouching Service to ensure they are flawless. 5x7 and 8x10s receive a UV laminate coating which is an alternative to glass and offers excellent protection from fingerprints and other contaminants and can be cleaned by gently wiping with a dry or slightly damp (water only) microfiber cloth.

Delivery is included in price below. All products are subjectt to GST and PST.

Prints are ordered a la carte in addition to the flat rate for the session and digital files.

Processing time for prints: Up to 3 weeks additional processing time.

5x7 print: 30

8x10 print: 50

3 - Bottons:  20

2 - Photo Magnets: 20

8 - Trader Cards (Double Sided): 40

11x17 Laminated Poster Print (of any one image): 60

8x12 Custom Designed Sports Mate - digital file only (Note: Printing more that 8x10 will reduce quality and is not recommended.): 75

16x24 Custom Designed Sports Mate Plaque (Professionally printed and laminated on 16x24 solid masonite board. Hanging hardware included.)

11x14 Canvas: 200

16x24 Canvas: 300